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Hydraulic pump for 2MW gas engine designed for energy generation

Customer: SIEMENS ENERGY | Visit Website

R&D project consisting of designing and manufacturing a hydraulic pump with helical gears to supply oil in a 2 megawatt high-efficiency low-emissions gas engine (E-Series) designed for both the generation of primary energy and the application of cogeneration.

The customer charged Bombas Trief with designing and manufacturing this pump, demonstrating their trust in our design department, despite the fact that Bombas Trief had never designed a gear pump before.

After several months of collaboration and versions of the design, the prototype passed through Siemens Energy’s demanding tests and proceeded to manufacturing. Our GPV12 (12 cylinders) and GPV16 (16 cylinders) models of the new GPV family are born – our first gear pump models,

3” helical gear pump spinning at 1000 rpm at 6 bar of pressure. It is equipped with a safety valve and made from nodular cast iron.


Extraction of MARPOL, oils and bilge waters generated by large ships

Customer: TRADEBE | Visit Website

Project involving installing a pumping system on specialised ships (barges) designed to recuperate marine pollution (of different types, A, B and C) generated by large vessels, and then unload it onto a tanker lorry to take it to a treatment plant (to be reused or recycled).

The system has been installed in different ports around Spain, such as the ports of Bilbao, Barcelona and Pasaia, among others

For this occasion our BAL 2R series 600 vane pump was chosen, as it is perfectly adapted to ship and lorry services, with self-adjusting steel vanes and hardening treatment to increase its resistance to wear and tear. The system is formed of two pumps working in parallel.

3” pumps for a flow rate of 60 m3/h at 5 bar of pressure and actioned by STM orbital-type hydraulic motors at 450 rpm. They are equipped with a built-in safety valve and are made from cast iron.

“The MARPOL Convention 73/78, along with other EU regulations (Directive 2000/59/EC) obliges ports to establish facilities to guarantee that any waste generated by vessels is fully and correctly dealt with.”

Transfer of high-viscosity molasses (6000 cP) in the port of A Coruña

Customer: Pérez Torres Handling | Visit Website

This application consisted of designing a set of pumps to work in parallel, dedicated to transferring liquid bulk cargo from tank to tank and tank to tanker lorry in port terminals.

Palm oil, various types of fatty acids and above all high-viscosity molasses (6000 cSt) are among the fluids to be pumped.

Due to the difficulty of transferring these liquids, caused by their high viscosity, for this application we chose our BAL C series 800 vane pump with heat chamber and bronze vanes.

4” pumps for a flow rate of 75 m3/h at 2.5 bar of pressure and actioned by a 30 kW motor. It has a 35m long 8” discharge hose for molasses of 6000 cP and a density of 1.4.

The bronze vanes (due to their weight) and the heat chamber (by heating the molasses and subsequently reducing its viscosity) facilitate the transfer of extremely high-viscosity molasses.

Container tank



Collaborative project requiring our experience to design and manufacture the pumping system (discharge pump and supply pump) to be incorporated into a container tank.

The container tank is designed for the mobile supply of diesel and petrol at high and medium flow rates. It has pumping equipment for discharging the tanker and filling the tank at 500 l/min and for supplying fuel via nozzle.


2 ½” pump for a flow rate of 30,000 l/h  at 3.5 kg/cm³ of pressure, actioned at 650 rpm for discharge, and a  1 ½” pump for a flow rate of 12,000 l/h at 3.5 kg/cm³ of pressure and actioned at 740 rpm for the supply. They are equipped with a built-in safety valve and are made from cast iron.

Equipped with all of the components produced according to the provisions of the ATEX regulations on explosive atmospheres.

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